About Us

Putting the Necessary Pieces Together

Crowley Norman LLP is a litigation firm based in Houston, Texas. The firm's practice is primarily concentrated in the areas of class actions and complex litigation; automotive product liability; personal injury; wrongful death; general commercial; and civil trial law.

Crowley Norman LLP is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation to its clients. The firm devotes the financial resources necessary to ensure the best possible results. The well-trained and experienced Crowley Norman LLP team vigorously prosecutes complex civil actions to derive maximum results in a timely and cost-effective manner. The firm maximizes efficiencies and alleviate redundancies by utilizing the latest technology and the preeminent experts for each of its cases.

By quickly recognizing which cases have merit, and moving quickly to develop the evidence and testimony necessary to prevail, the firm aggressively moves each case forward. As a result, Crowley Norman LLP has achieved an enviable track record of securing compensation for its clients in cases ranging from complex class actions against major corporations to automotive product liability and catastrophic personal injury cases. For example, the firm successfully represented plaintiffs in class actions involving, among others, the marketing and sale of Inside Wire Maintenance Service to consumers; cancellation provisions in subscription contracts of cellular service providers; defective rear lift-gate latches in family minivans; and diminution in value of pick-up trucks as a result of defective side-saddle fuel tanks. The firm’s numerous and wide-ranging recoveries are a testament to the breadth of knowledge, experience, and determination it brings to bear in every case.

With solid experience and success in class action, personal injury, wrongful death, and commercial litigation, Crowley Norman LLP never loses sight of the fact that a firm is judged not only by its results but the satisfaction of its clients and the respect of its colleagues and opponents. This respect is reflected in the fact that more than 75% of the firm’s cases come from referrals from other attorneys.

Crowley Norman LLP’s past successes afford it the ability to pursue cases to successful completion regardless of the venue. The firm’s resources and staying power have allowed it to achieve sizeable recoveries both on behalf of and against Fortune 500 corporations.


In an era when cases are growing increasingly complex and the opposition more skillful, technological and data handling capabilities are crucial to the full and successful pursuit of a client’s interests. Crowley Norman LLP has the financial and technological resources to effectively move these cases forward. These skills permit the firm to efficiently organize, monitor and utilize the vast amounts of information generated in its cases. For example, Crowley Norman LLP employs the latest computer modeling techniques to digitally reconstruct accidents, employing the same software used by the auto industry to demonstrate the crash-worthiness of its vehicles. This provides a very persuasive form of presentation to today’s media-savvy juries.

Geographic Scope

Recognizing that where a case is filed is often critical to its successful outcome, the firm strives to find the right venue for each case. Crowley Norman LLP has successfully prosecuted class actions and complex litigation throughout the United States. The firm is able to mobilize legal support teams anywhere in the country to search for key pieces of evidence hidden amidst the enormous volumes of data a corporate defendant will often produce during the formal discovery process. In addition, Crowley Norman LLP handles personal injury and wrongful death cases across the nation by associating highly skilled co-counsel wherever the cases are filed.