Class Action and Complex Litigation Lawyers

Crowley Norman LLP handles class action and complex litigation, combining the grievances of many who might not be financially capable of pursuing a complaint on their own into a single, powerful voice for justice. Although class actions are a powerful tool to protect consumers, this remains a field with many substantive and procedural pitfalls.

The process of class certification–where the court makes a legal determination that the plaintiff class is procedurally appropriate–is possibly the most significant aspect of this large-scale litigation. Because major corporations often view class certification as outcome-determinative, they go to great lengths and expense to defeat the certification of a class of injured plaintiffs. A firm’s ability to soundly evaluate a case and successfully obtain class certification is crucial to success in these actions. Crowley Norman LLP is thoroughly versed in the preparation of these cases and has the experience to counter the obstructions its opponents will seek to present at this critical stage of the litigation.

Crowley Norman LLP is extremely experienced in the prosecution of class and complex litigation having participated in dozens of class actions. Crowley Norman LLP has successfully represented plaintiffs in class actions involving, among others:

  • the marketing and sale of Inside Wire Maintenance Service to consumers;
  • cancellation provisions in subscription contracts of cellular service providers;
  • defective rear lift-gate latches in family minivans;
  • diminution in value of pickup trucks as a result of defective sidesaddle fuel tanks;
  • property diminution stemming from leaking pipelines;
  • unsolicited facsimile advertisements;
  • violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act;
  • defective smoke detectors;
  • fraudulent marketing practices related to the sale of insurance products;
  • misrepresentations concerning the available horse power of motor vehicles;
  • currency exchange rates in connection with money transfers to Mexico;
  • excessive late fees charged in connection with movie rentals; and
  • oil and gas royalty underpayments.

In addition, Tim Crowley and Richard Norman were among the group of class action attorneys that represented a nationwide class of consumers of defective polybutylene plumbing pipe.

The partners of Crowley Norman LLP have represented the plaintiff classes in litigation against, among others:

  • Western Union Financial Services, Inc.;
  • Moneygram Payment Systems, Inc.;
  • Enterprise Rent A Car;
  • BRK Brands, Inc.;
  • Colonial Pipeline Co.;
  • Plantation Pipeline Co.;
  • Citibank (South Dakota), N.A.;
  • Bank One Corp.;
  • Prime TV;
  • DirecTV;
  • Blockbuster, Inc.;
  • Movie Gallery, Inc.;
  • Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America;
  • Chesapeake Panhandle Limited Partnership;
  • Occidental Petroleum Company;
  • Budget Rent-A-Car Corp.;
  • Cornell Companies, Inc.;
  • Chrysler Corp.;
  • General Motors Corp.;
  • Dynegy, Inc.;
  • Farmers Insurance;
  • BRK Brands;
  • Sunbeam Corp.;
  • Fleming Companies;
  • McCaw Cellular;
  • Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins. Co.;
  • Southwestern Bell; Hyundai Motor Co.;
  • Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.;
  • Viking Office Products, Inc.;
  • Time Warner;
  • Clayton Homes, Inc.;
  • The Nautilus Group, Inc.;
  • Kinder Morgan, Inc.; and
  •, Inc.

Crowley Norman LLP is currently involved in class action litigation against many major insurance companies over their illegal depreciation of labor in adjusting homeowners property claims. The firm is also engaged in class action litigation against many apartment complex owners and management companies stemming from the alleged illegal charging of tenants for various utility services in Texas.