Class Action

I.C. System Hit with FDCPA Class Action Lawsuit over Debt Collection Letters by Dimitri Karhu

A class action lawsuit filed Tuesday in the Eastern District of New York accuses debt collection agency I.C. System Inc. of using “unfair and unconscionable” debt collection practices that violate the privacy of consumers

New York resident Tolzoh Katzburg alleges in the FDCPA lawsuit, filed Feb. 17, that Minnesota-based I.C. System violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) by sending him a debt collection letter in an envelope which contained a glassine window.  Katzburg’s reference number for the alleged debt, assigned by I.C. System, was visible through the window of the envelope, above his name and address.

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New Lawsuit Claims Uber Exploits Its Drivers by Dimitri Karhu

Uber Technologies, Inc., an upstart car service, is being accused of exploiting drivers, according to a lawsuit filed against the company. The suit also accuses Uber of not giving drivers all the money they receive in gratuities from riders, that the company “retains a portion of the gratuity for itself.”  That alleged conduct violates the Massachusetts tips law, according to Liss-Riordan, an attorney in the case.

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Chase Bank Files Potential Class Action Lawsuit by Dimitri Karhu

Chase Bank is facing a potential class action lawsuit over allegations it may be offering deceptive rewards programs that lure consumers into applying for and using a Chase credit card, only to later revoke the points earned by cancelling the account without reason — and without compensating these cardholder’s for their unredeemed Chase rewards points.

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